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RV Group

RV Groups is an international pharmaceutical company, with a strong presence in Southeast Asia (ASEAN) and in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), with corporate office in Singapore and Vietnam Head-Quarters in Ho Chi Minh City. RV Group have more than 3000 employees in 12 offices spread across in 9 countries like India, Middle East, Africa, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Vietnam. At RV Group, we always strive to improve the quality of life for our patients by providing high quality medicinal products at cost effective prices.


The secret behind RV Group’s success is its experienced management team in the business of pharmaceutical and health care in the ASEAN region. RV


Given the nature of the industry, global market trends, the leading success factors for RV group core competences, are its strong front-end and its world class manufacturing units and R&D center. The key strategies for growth are:

  1. Strategic Geographic expansion
  2. Aggressive mergers, Acquisitions and Partnerships
  3. To Strengthen Biosimilars and High-end oncology product portfolio
  4. With World class manufacturing facilities and R&D center
  5. OTC Strategy
  6. Differentiated Product Portfolios with updated pharmaceutical technologies which enable to develop Products which cannot be copied easily.


The success story of OPV Pharmaceutical began some 65 years ago in Vietnam. OPV brands are very well known and established in Vietnam market. They also are known to develop pharma products for third party distributors and provide manufacturing contract services to Multinational Pharma companies in the region. OPV factory is WHO-GMP certified and adheres to highest international quality standards.

OPV has the largest portfolio of registered pharmaceutical products in Vietnam, including OTC and prescription formulations across all important therapeutic classes.

OPV attracts highly skilled business leaders and talented professionals who bring deep industry expertise and high ethical standards in the pharma business to grow in the Vietnam market. As a result OPV wins the business as one of the trusted partners of one of the world leading pharmaceutical companies including MSD, GSK and others.

In 2021 OPV was merged with RV group to further the growth story of the pharmaceutical industry in Vietnam. And Our vision is to be the finest provider of world class quality healthcare products at affordable prices. This vision is supported by our core values that are focused, fast, flexible and forward looking.

Our vision is to strengthen biosimilars and high-end oncology product portfolio; expand and upgrade world class manufacturing units and R& D centers; to build the OTC segment in to mega brands like Ameflu, Star, Dizzo, Lomac, Flucort, NeuGlow and to maintain the leadership in the region for Hepatitis and Biosimilar product range. All these are directed toward one goal- our vision to be the finest provider of world class quality healthcare products at affordable prices.